Wearing Kimono & Taking photos

Have an only in Japan experience: How do you make your trip to Tokyo unique and memorable? Try wearing the traditional Japanese Kimono for wedding ceremony. The colour, beautiful designs, formality, elegance and daintiness of it all keeps one constantly fascinated by the Kimono! We can also provide a Kimono at cheap price if you would like to take one home. You will have an awesome day wearing a kimono and walking along traditional temple streets.


12,000 yen~



Calligraphy is beautiful traditional handwriting in Japan. You might learn about how to write your name by making just a few technical adjustments and get to know the meaning of your name in Japanese. The meaning of your name might guide you in different directions. You could be writing calligraphy like a pro! Let's enjoy your adventure in Japan!


6,000yen ~


Wearing Yukata & Taking photos

Yukata is a Japanese garment, a casual summer kimono usually made of cotton or synthetic fabric, and unlined. Yukata is normally worn during the summer or after a bath. We also sell Yukata’s at cheap price if you would like to take one home. You will have an awesome day wearing a Yukata and watching fireworks in the sky.


5,000 yen~


Cooking & eating foods

Sushi can be a balanced food with fish, veggies and steamed rice. If you're a vegetarian or vegan, they will arrange sushi for you. It's a good opportunity for you to taste genuine sushi or sushi rolls in Japan. Let's try it out and then compare it with other sushi restaurant in your country.


10,500 yen ~


Joining Activities

Things to do in Japan

- Attending a tea ceremony

- Learning Japanese language

- Touching Japanese culture; music

- Experiencing calligraphy

- Writing on a wish lantern

- Visiting a made/owl/cat/snake cafe

- Eating Japanese sweets/meals/vegetables

- Visiting a public hotspring

- Joining Japanese Festival in Tokyo

- Meeting a fortune teller; tarot cards etc


5,500yen ~


Origami Workshop with Japanese teachers

In Japan, wrapping lesson is are popular among younger generations. They are used to send a present to an important person, or to decorate your package. Origami is useful to arrange a box or a letter at cheap price. Origami classes are organized by friendly and kind instructors and professional Japanese teachers. First you may learn how to make a crane with origami because a crane origami means your wishes will come true. Make your own wishes on your paper and keep them in your room. They might bring you what you wish for.


1,000 yen ~


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